Episode 5

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23rd Apr 2014

EM005: “Preach the Gospel at All Times” with Katherine Entzminger

I’m excited to bring you a special guest this week – my wife, Katherine Entzminger. Ordinarily, she wouldn’t be interested in something like this but she’s really felt God moving her to share some of the stories from her time as a missionary.

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.

Right now Katherine is a full-time homemaker but she spent about 4 ½ years as a missionary with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). While in YWAM, she traveled to Mexico and Central America, Africa, India, and Central Europe. She also spent time as part of the support staff on a YWAM base.

After her time with YWAM, she went back to school and re-entered the marketplace. And that was all before she and I ever met.

In this week’s interview, you’ll discover:

  • One often-misattributed quote that has shaped how Katherine approaches both friendship and ministry
  • How Katherine ended up lost on a street, faced with armed military and how God brought her and another missionary back to where they were safe
  • One thing that God showed her that has released forgiveness in her life
  • What’s exciting Katherine right now and what she’s looking forward to
  • One thing you can do to encourage a missionary today
  • Some advice Katherine was given that sets her up to receive help
  • One thing that someone did to support her while she was a missionary and even while she was transitioning back into the marketplace
  • Internet Resource: Facebook
  • Book Recommendation: No Compromise
  • Amazon
  • iBooks
  • What Katherine would focus on for the first seven days in a new country and what she would do to ensure she wouldn’t be distracted from it.
  • Best contact: email (listen to the episode)


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