Episode 275

Published on:

18th Dec 2019

How to use Facebook Groups for Missionaries, with Eric Nevins – EM275

Wondering how Facebook Groups could help missionaries? Or how spiritual formation can help build community. Listen as Eric Nevins shares what he's learned when building the Christian Podcasters Association.

Facebook Groups can be a distraction or a powerful tool.

Join us as Eric Nevins, founder of the Christian Podcasters Association on Facebook shares his insights into community building, spiritual practices, spiritual formation, and more. You'll discover how God has uniquely shaped him to be the host of the Halfway There podcast and the leader of this group and what God's doing in him now.

Whether you want to start an online community, contribute more powerfully, or turn a distraction into ministry and growth, you'll learn something from what Eric has to say.

What We Talked About

  • 00:24 - Episode Overview
  • 00:57 - Publishing Schedule Changes
  • 01:49 - Introducing Eric Nevins
  • 02:22 - The value of having an online community
  • 03:31 - What led to the shift in your thinking?
  • 03:57 - What have your learned in building community?
  • 05:32 - What kinds of questions should you ask?
  • 06:41 - What happens when you form a healthy online community?
  • 07:44 - How do you set the tone for the group?
  • 09:15 - What do you need to think through before starting a Facebook Group?
  • 11:41 - What do you do to help develop a sense of community ownership throughout the group?
  • 13:08 - How do you stay engaged without getting sucked into the social media black hole?
  • 14:32 - How has your interest in spiritual formation helped prepare you for leading this group?
  • 16:47 - How does that change what you do?
  • 17:43 - How does understanding the transition points in the lives of others help us understand our own journeys?
  • 18:58 - What would you hope to see in the future because of what you're doing?
  • 21:34 - Let's talk about spiritual practices?
  • 22:52 - How can we best pray for you?
  • 24:57 - Huge thanks to Eric
  • 25:24 - Changes to the publishing calendar.
  • 25:43 - Make sure you don't miss it. Subscribe today!

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