Have you ever wanted to create a gorgeous Amazon link on your WordPress page or post? It's easier than you think but there are a couple of things you have to get exactly right.

There are some plugins you can use for this kind of thing but they can sometimes be a little quirky.

This short video outlines the exact steps you need to take and lays out what you need to know to successfully put beautiful links right into your page or post. It's quick and easy and it can make a big difference.

Get beautiful amazon links on your website today.

Video of How to Do This

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I'm going to outline the process I use to create the beautiful Amazon product boxes you sometimes see on the Engaging Missions pages and posts. It's really just three simple steps to add them to your WordPress page or post.

I'm putting this up because someone asked how I did it and I thought that if one person was wondering, maybe more of you were wondering. It's my hope that this video and post will help you to accomplish the same things I've been doing with Amazon product boxes.

It won't take long, it's not that hard, and I'll show you one step at a time exactly what I mean.

What are Product Boxes?

Below are three examples of Amazon product boxes. One is the product I used when creating the video above. The other two are some of the tools I used to create the video. (All of them are affiliate products, which means that if you purchase those products using my link, I'll get a small portion of the sale even though you won't pay any extra.)

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So, now you know exactly what we're talking about. But what about the three steps?

The Three Steps

  1. Create a space for the product boxes
  2. Create a special link on Amazon
  3. Use a WordPress power feature to insert the special code

Create space for the product boxes

  1. This works for any page or post
  2. Can be a new or existing page or post
  3. There are plugins available but each has its own “quirks”

We're going to do this the down and dirty, manual way. It's pretty easy.

Create a special link on Amazon

These are AFFILIATE links, so if you're not already an Amazon Associate, you'll need to apply at http://affiliate-program.amazon.com. Once your application has been approved, you'll start seeing a new toolbar at the top of your browser window when you're looking at products.

At the top left of that window, there's a button to create a link. That's the button you'll use.

  1. Open a new browser window
  2. Navigate to the product you want to feature
  3. Click the Link to this page button
  4. Grab the HTML code for the Text and Image ad

Use a WordPress power feature to insert the special code

  1. Go back to your WordPress editor
  2. Switch over to the text editor
  3. Find the place you want to insert the product boxes
  4. Paste in the code
  5. Save and preview to make sure it's what you want
  6. Publish when you're ready

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