This week I'm excited to bring you Steve Addison, author of Movements That Change the World and What Jesus Started and the founder of Move.

EM047 Follow Me and I'll Make You Fishers of Men with Steve Addison

Life in Ministry

Steve originally hails from Australia but is now based in London. He has a wife, Michelle, and four grown children. For the past 20 years, he's been heading up the missions agency, Move, which focuses on making disciples and planting churches.

Key Scripture

Come follow me and I'll teach you to fish for people. (Matthew 4:19) Click To Tweet


Jesus was my teacher Click To Tweet

Growing up, Steve struggled with recurring depression. At one point, he had to take some time because he'd started to question God and himself while he was in the fog of it all. He started to wonder if he was ever going to see any of the things God promised happened.

It was at that point that God revealed something to him and began to transform things.


What was missing was obedience. Click To Tweet

Current Ministry

Steve arrived in London a few months ago. Since he's been there, his focus has remained connecting with people. Being wherever the workers are.

  1. How can we pray for you?
  2. Right now, are you near or far from God?
Wherever we train people to obey, the Gospel gets out. Click To Tweet

Significance in the Marketplace

Remember that the Great Commission was given to every believer. We will have the opportunity to minister to people wherever God has us.

Wherever we are, we are to go and make disciples. Click To Tweet
We have made #missions so vague that people don't know what to do on Monday morning. Click To Tweet

Speed Round


Steve wishes he would have known how hard it is and how good God is.

God is so good. Click To Tweet

Done Differently

Be quicker to obey God's commands. Click To Tweet

Best Advice

It's not what you do in conflict, it's who you are. Click To Tweet

Personal Success Habit

Sit with God the first portion of the day. Click To Tweet

Internet Resource

  • Fujitsu Snapscan – Steve uses this to scan books and store them in the cloud so he can use them wherever he is.

Book Recommendation


Shifts in Society

We will continue to see society shift and more people from other cultures coming. In fact, some cities are becoming largely populated with ethnic minorities. This is a great opportunity.

  • Knock on the door
  • Develop a friendship but let them know you're a follower of Jesus early on
  • Ask, “Is there anything we can pray about for you?”
  • Ask, “Are you near or far from God?”
  • If they are Muslim, ask, “Who is Isa (Jesus) to you?”
  • Ask, “Is this something you'd like to learn more about?”
  • Keep your focus on Jesus rather than trying to win an argument. Let them discover Him for themselves.

Parting Advice

No matter how tough it is, the reality is that Christ suffered and died. Click To Tweet

Contact Info


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