Who would have guessed that a girl from Wisconsin would end up in Indonesia? Or that one event early on as a Children's Pastor in North Dakota would rock her world and send her into a tailspin that only God could pull her out of?

As you listen to this week's guest, Mary Ann Adams, you'll discover how God did all that and more. And how he turned that tailspin into a deeper relationship and provided new strength for ministry.

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Life in Ministry

Mary Ann was called into ministry in high school. After completing her schooling, she spent a few years in Wisconsin and then moved to be the Children's Pastor in Jamestown, ND. Then, just a little over a year ago she began to minister in Indonesia, where she partners with her sister and brother-in-law.

And all of the schooling and years of experience as a Children's Pastor is coming into play: she's been teaching a class on children's ministry in a local college. And it's not just book learning, they've also had the students do some outreaches to put the training into practice.

Key Quote

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Probably the biggest single challenge Mary Ann faced came shortly after she became the Children's Pastor in Jamestown, ND. While she was at a Kid's Camp, one of the students drowned in a poo. And she saw it but didn't talk about it so she carried a lot of guilt in her heart.

Some of the things that came out of that experience nearly pushed her out of ministry. It brought her to a place where she was bitter towards God. It was a dark time that only God could bring her through. And the way He did it was powerfully gentle.


When Mary Ann decided to change directions towards Indonesia, she awoke with an amazing hope. Through her times of ministry, two dreams have provided encouragement and direction. As we talked, she shared those dreams and how God has been fulfilling them.

The kids we were ministering to were part of the dream. Click To Tweet

Current Ministry

Mary Ann, her sister, and brother-in-law have just opened an English Conversation Center. It's a place where the locals can come to learn and speak English. And through that, they will have an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Also, they are starting a Saturday Kid's Club where they can teach the Bible, share the Gospel, and teach English. In the first meeting, they had 18 children from different nationalities and religious backgrounds.

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Level Up

Of course, you can always increase your giving. But it's not about how much we think we can give but how much we should give.

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Sometimes we need to think about giving beyond simple monthly giving. Sometimes we need to look for opportunities to give to a project as well.

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Internet Resource

  • Kid's Ministries Magazine
  • Kidology
  • Faith Case

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Shifts in Society

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New Place

  • Stop and pray, OK Lord, why am I here? What do you have for me?”
  • Research where you're at and the culture
  • Take a step of faith – meet people and start learning the language
  • Figure things out, how to reach people

Parting Advice

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