Create Gorgeous Graphics(for free)There's no need to worry if you're a Photoshop hack with almost no design skills and no budget to pay a professional. You can still create high-quality graphics using these great online tools.

For free.

Let's face it, quality graphics are important for website and social media content. But not all of us can pay for them. However, with the right tools and a little time you can create high-quality graphics without having to hire a designer.

And without having to buy and learn some expensive software package.

These may not be the solution to all of your problems. Maybe some day you'll be a designer or be able to hire one. But these 4 tools will help you get started.

In fact, these are the tools that I use every week. They're not the only tools that are available but they've sure met my needs. If your time and skill levels are as limited as mine, they're probably perfect for you, too.

Noteography (free)

Noteography is a free web and mobile application that rethinks how we share text online. It's well-suited for sharing pithy quotes and Scriptures. It's extremely easy to use.

  1. Input your text
  2. Choose from pre-formatted designs
  3. Choose how you want to publish

Here's an example of a graphic I made using Noteography:

Quozio (free)

Quozio is another great free tool that turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds. It's especially good for quotes (think “quote” sounds like “quozio”). It's different from Noteography, though; it includes some interesting background images.

  1. Input your text (and attribution)
  2. Choose the look you're going for
  3. Choose how you want to publish

Here's an example of a graphic that I created with Quozio:


Picmonkey (Free/Paid)

Picmonkey is an online photo editor with graphics and text built right in. You can use it for free or become one of their Royale members.

I can't really share a process with you because how you use it will really depend on what you're trying to accomplish.

Here's an example of a graphic I created (for free) using Picmonkey:

i want to live fully alive

Canva (Free/Paid)

Canva‘s goal is to make design simple for everyone. You can get started for free and keep going for free if you'd like. In many ways it's the most robust of the tools we're looking at today; it can do much more than just web graphics.

I've just started using Canva pretty recently and it's quickly becoming my favorite. It's what I used to create the “Create Gorgeous Graphics” image at the top of this post and here's an example of something I created (for free) using Canva:

Curt Bryson

What tools do you use?

I've shared some of the tools that I use to create graphics for websites and social media. But I'm wondering, what tools do you use?

Why not share those tools (and how you use them) in the comments?

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