Whitt Madden let me write a guest post for his site, treasuring-christ.org. Here's a little excerpt. I'd love it if you check out the guest post. And, stay for a minute to see what Whitt and the team of writers are sharing over there. They're doing some great stuff.

Are you searching for your “calling?” Perhaps wondering if God has called you to do something great? Anticipating the day that you can step into what God has really called you to do? Or maybe scared that God has called you to do something great? Or scared that your life’s value will be menial?

bryan entzminger-profile-photoIf any of these apply to you, you’re not alone. It seems nearly everybody wants to know their purpose or calling. There’s an entire segment of the “self help” industry dedicated to publishing books, developing courses and training, and selling coaching to help you do just that – find your calling or life purpose. In fact, just on Amazon.com, there are over 7,500 titles promising to help you discover or repair your connection to why you’re here and what you ought to do.

I’m not saying that’s not valuable. I like those materials, too.

But what if I told you that there’s a hidden purpose right in front of your nose? What if I told you that I know the answer to your calling and can share it with you in less than 2,000 words? What if I gave it to you for free? Would you believe me?

I think I can. And I think I can back it up with Scripture for you.

via The Simple Way to Know Your Calling | Treasuring Christ.

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