All heroes are shadows of Christ!

– John Piper


Hey there,
What do you think about when you read Piper's quote “All heroes are shadows of Christ?”

Inspired? Overwhelmed? Disheartened? Angry?

In my life, I've been blessed to have a wide range of heroes and leaders. I've had an amazing array of people who have modeled Christ and poured into my life. In the end, some have broken my heart, while others continue to inspire and challenge me across the decades.

But the thought of actually being someone's hero – that's pretty scary for me. Because I know my weakness.

  • I think of my kids and realize that the calling to reveal Christ is overwhelming. Frankly, a little scary.
  • I think of the missionaries and church planters and pray that I'm able to continue doing this show to help them share what God's doing.
  • I think of you and hope that I never let you down.

So I do my best to rest in God.


  • Who are your heroes?
    Who looks up to you as a hero?


  • Thank God for the heroes in your life
  • Thank Him for working in your life to reveal His Son to others
  • Ask Him if there's anything He'd have you share with someone else
  • Ask Him if there's someone you should encourage


all heroes are shadows of christ - john piper

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