From a comfortable life in the United Kingdom, God has moved Chris and Beth Kent to Romania. As we talked, they shared what they've learned and seen God do as they've ministered to abandoned children and gypsies.

Life in Ministry

Chris and Beth were enjoying a very affluent lifestyle in Surrey, UK. They enjoyed going out for meals and the nice things that life offered. But they'd begun to feel bored and like God had more for them.

Perhaps the hardest things about moving to Romania have been coffee withdrawals and leaving behind a sewing machine.

Key Scripture

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Chris and Beth want their life to be more than just words. More, even, than just actions. They want it to be tangible and to connect with people.


Chris and Beth shared about a substantial challenge they went through, just a couple of years after they were married. It was an extremely scary and difficult time – one of the things that many young couples fear. But unlike most, their fears were substantiated in a single visit to the doctor – on Christmas Eve.

They were told that the child Beth was carrying had a severe genetic disorder and was “incompatible with life.”

Their doctors gave them an honest prognosis and counseled them towards terminating the pregnancy. In fact, there was a lot of pressure to do that. But that didn't line up with what Chris and Beth believed God would want.

It even caused them to question their beliefs and to put their beliefs into action. So, they walked the VERY difficult road of continuing the pregnancy and celebrating Isaac's life, against the counsel of their doctors.

Now that it's been five years, they can talk about it. But it's still very difficult for them.

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Personal Habit

  • As a couple, they love being around people and nurturing and caring for them.
  • They are content with what they have of God but are always hungry for more.
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Leadership Minute

Scott McClelland with FXMissions shares about Imaginary Leadership.

Current Ministry

Chris and Beth arrived at Romania not really knowing what they would be doing. Shortly after arriving, they began volunteering with Firm Foundations Romania, which runs projects in the Children's Hospital.

They discovered that there's a huge problem in Romania: children being left in the hospital. Some are left short-term and others are left indefinitely – with nobody to care for them or interact with them.

Both Chris and Beth take shifts caring for the children. Additionally, Beth is involved with a maternity hospital and they and their children also go to hang out with the children at an orphanage just outside the city.

Of course, that's not all. Chris and Beth have also found a way to minister through connections at a surprising place – the trash bins.

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While ministering to the Roma Gypsies in deep poverty, abandoned and orphaned children, and expectant mothers can be challenging, there are also some very exciting things happening. One thing they're looking forward to is a trip to take seven children from the orphanage to the United Kingdom.

How to get involved

  • Prayer – Pray for the Kents, the organization, and Romania.
  • Give money – The Kents don't really fundraise, but their needs have always been met miraculously. Their personal needs are met, but their vision is bigger.

From the Field

Kurt Coble shares about some upcoming trips. If you'd like to connect with him, you can do that at or

Significance in the Marketplace

Chris and Beth don't see their lives or calling as very different from anyone else. While their calling may be different, we are all called to be ministers.

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They encourage us to ask God what He's doing in our workplaces and what things we can join in with.

Cross-Cultural Ministry

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Instead of trying to immediately share the Gospel and set up a church, spend time with people. Get to know them and their culture. Have fun with them and invest in relationships.

As you're getting to know their language and culture, look for the stories of redemption. As you do that, the overflow of your heart will be to share Jesus.

About the Roma People

  • They are very joyful
  • They have a real gift for music
  • Their culture is quite different from the Romanian culture

Internet Resource

Here is the Evangelism series I mentioned.

  1. The Kingdom of God
  2. My Testimony
  3. Living Naturally Supernaturally
  4. Hearing God's Voice
  5. Marketplace Ministry
  6. Activating Words of Knowledge

Book Recommendations

Contact Info

Parting Advice

When God started calling them, they had no idea where they were headed, but they knew it was God. So if God is calling you, be ready to follow.

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