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Where and what people do you primarily serve?
The people of Atlanta that I either lead to a complete Lordship of their lives over to Christ….or Christians we meet while we are serving churches who let us know they have a heart to reach Atlanta.

How do you serve those people?
First go over the essentials of what it means to have Christ as your Lord, Master, Boss, Ruler of your life. Then make sure that they have a vital relationship with Christ by a plan of both getting into the Word on a daily basis AND coming free of repetitive sin that hinders the work of the Holy Spirit. THEN make sure they have an understanding of the Holy Spirit's work in their lives. Then we begin the process of training them to train others through the use of the 10 Commands of Christ. We first use a simple training tool called the 411 that enables them to know how to share their faith and lead someone into a relationship with Christ. The long term discipleship comes if they see a need to be encouraged and disciples over the long haul knowing it will be hard to stay concerned for the lost and prayed over and encouraged to continue to reach out and disciple and train others to do the same.

When did you begin to realize that you had a heart for missions or ministry?
In the Sophomore year of my High School days….I was challenged to lead a youth outreach to my school. The challenge from this evangelist was that he believed that I had enough influence to fill the church up every night with students who he would then unfold the gospel to them on a nightly basis. Many students came to Christ and he came up to me afterwards and said “Quit fighting it Mark – You are meant to be in vocational Christian work!”

How and when did God lead you to this? How did you recognize His call?
After receiving some training from Campus Crusade for Christ on how to share my faith and be filled with God's Spirit – I came back to my school so fired up to see my friends come into a relationship with Christ. A group of us would go out in the halls before school started and just ask other students if we could share the four spiritual laws with them….and I saw many of my friends come to Christ. I didn't know what to do with them then but as a result of going to UGA and getting involved with Cru (as it is called today) I learned firsthand out to reach out in my dorm, apt complex, fraternity house and everywhere I went I started groups of men that wanted to come to Christ and grow in their faith and then reach out in their sphere of influence as well.

Did you have a clear and measurable goal for ministry?
Fast forward to today and now I help adults to find out how to reach out to THEIR spheres of influence. Whether that is at their work, or gym, or neighborhood… wife and I have tools now that can help anyone gather a group of people to start studying God's Word and disciple those that respond.

What would you do differently if you were starting today?
For many years I tried to use programs to reach people rather than relationally just helping people reach out where they live, work, and play. The programs so burnt people out from the constant inviting people to hear the gospel rather than them taking the initiative themselves. They can do that through people they already know or by also “going into the harvest” and going door to door or in parks or anywhere people just hang out. I prefer to do it as a way of life and invite people to sit down and answer some questions and transition into My Story God's Story BUT …..I am about 1% of the Body of Christ who is naturally gifted in doing something like that. So we must teach people to go out to their “oikos” and be willing to gather with people that they don't even know. That will be the only way we eventually give everyone the opportunity till there is “No Place Left” in Atlanta that has not been given the opportunity to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do you connect with new partners or supporters and stay connected with your existing partners?
We have developed a No Place Left mindset of finding “practitioners” and keeping in touch with those people through Social Media like GroupMe and Facebook. We are connected nationally as well as locally. Then we do a Zoom call (lot like Skype) quarterly and encourage each other with where we are at in sharing, and discipling, and multiplying. We also help each other with training, and going to national and local events where we can sharpen each other with a tool called Iron on Iron…..which is feedback from others so that we can get a “360” of sorts on ways that could help each of us get past a “snag or slump” we see ourselves or the ministry being in.

What books, tools, or resources that are important to doing what you do?
There are what is called “Stories of Hope” that are about 7 Biblical stories of those people that were far from God that came near to God and changed either personally and/or their “oikos”. Using the three thirds process is so helpful in knowing a flow that covers all the bases and gives a new Christian a way to run a meeting where it is not only reproducible but produces a mindset of going and telling others AND applying truth from God's Word to your lives every week. Then there are the Commands of Christ – these tools are all on and are easy to download and use anywhere anytime. These are the discipleship tools that help a person to fulfill the part of the great commission to “teach them to obey all that I commanded you…..”. These are all a part of a training called “Four Fields” and gives an overall picture of what you can do to lead others to Christ AND then disciple them.

How do you get ongoing training and coaching?
There are trainings going on all over America. If a person wants to find out what is going on in their city they simply can go onto and see. in almost 150 cities there are people that have adhered to this training and application of truths. Each city now has a training schedule posted – such as Atlanta's Zoom training is great as well and I currently have a group that wants to reach out to their gym. These guys are from three different cities. So whatever the place….if someone has a need and desire I and others are available to fold them into the training and application – there is a great assurance that we can help them get to the fourth generation of multiplication eventually.

What first steps or training would you recommend that others just starting out?
Write out your names on a sheet of paper that you don't know where they stand spiritually. If it is a geographical area begin prayer walking (for instance – around your neighborhood or if your gym – go ahead and warm up and pretend you are going out to get some fresh air and pray up and down the sidewalk or around the building). Look at Luke 9 and 10 and believe God for bring you to the person or house of peace – because that is what you are looking for. Then as you either have an outreach group to give people a chance to check out the 7 Stories of Hope OR start discipling one to a few people…..begin to see a house church or Life Group get started (whatever you want to call it doesn't matter BUT what God is doing around the world is reproducing churches that multiply to many generations and I truly believe that we are going to see that here in America especially within the Millennials generation!)

What is a critical mindset or perspective regarding listening, teachability, flexibility, grace, etc?
Keep sharing and keep discipling looking for the Fourth Soil person that gathers like crazy and produces 30, 60 and 100 fold. BUT BE AWARE in America…. sad to say…..that person is about 1 in 100 people that you go through ……Untill God brings revival – we are so asleep and satiated with our societies lies of what TRUE LIFE is……we will not be willing to sacrifice. But they are out there……keep going brother or sister! DON'T GIVE UP TILL YOU FIND THEM! 😉

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?
Without a shadow of a doubt! I could tell you the story of David G. and Connor P. and others around Atlanta that are baptizing many and discipling many – starting group after group……and yes … is all worth it. Especially if you are faithful and not scared to reach the very lost and be willing to wade through their sin, and recovery, and hard knocks of them really believing that you love them no matter what…….because they will test you and you will wonder if it is all worth it! BUT IT DEFINITELY IS!

Mark McGoldrick

Mark McGoldrick

Evangelist, Discipler

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