Terry Hoggard has served in Europe as a missionary, has helped create networks of churches supporting each other and growing together and he's now working with Convoy of Hope. This is how he got started.

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Where and what people do you primarily serve?
Serve globally with Convoy of Hope International and in International Church development

How do you serve those people?

  • Crafting strategies
  • Coaching synergy
  • Creating solutions

When did you begin to realize that you had a heart for missions or ministry?
In 1972 I was impacted, in 1982 I was profoundly impacted.

How and when did God lead you to this? How did you recognize His call?
On a mission trip to Columbia in 1972, as the result of divine awareness in 1982.

Did you have a clear and measurable goal for ministry?
Yes … to passionately engage with progressive leaders to co-create a change process that will inspire and to develop strategic initiatives that promote networking opportunities.​

What would you do differently if you were starting today?
Be more aware of the organic development that comes thru obedience and excellence.

How do you connect with new partners or supporters and stay connected with your existing partners?
By building covenant, communicating intentionally and creating meaningful connection.

What books, tools, or resources that are important to doing what you do?
Identify and connect with like-minded and right-spirited individuals.

How do you get ongoing training and coaching?
I pursued coaching certifications and receive training “life on life” engagement.

What first steps or training would you recommend that others just starting out?
Take the time to build a solid academic foundation … and keep building!

What is a critical mindset or perspective regarding listening, teachability, flexibility, grace, etc?
Awareness of the possibility that people bring to us if only they can be heard.

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?
Absolutely … and love it all the more!

Terry Hoggard

Terry Hoggard

Missionary, Vice President: Convoy of Hope International Program

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