As Ambassadors for the Kingdom, we have a high and holy calling. Whether we are in the marketplace or full-time ministers, the job description is HUGE!

Sure, we can boil it down to a couple of basic things – love God, love people, go and make disciples.

But just because we can say it simply doesn't mean that we are adequate for the job. At least not in ourselves.

Maybe you're like me

I almost always think that I need to have more training or knowledge. That I'm completely inadequate. And sometimes this can serve me well. It can drive me to study harder, to go deeper, to try to care more.

But left to my own devices, this always ends up in one of two palces:

  • Pride
  • Paralysis

Each of these are bad. And, truthfully, both are actually pride because the paralysis also comes from valuing my opinion higher than God's.

Recently God reminded me of this

As I'm writing this, I'm coming up on one week since I taught a Wednesday night class on Ephesians 5. I won't go into all the details, but I felt ill-prepared. I was very pressed for time, even though I'd known about the class for several weeks (please don't throw any stones yet). So when I finally started preparing, I felt like I had very little time to go deep.

However, as I was preparing, I felt like God had given me a basic plan for how to go through the text and a couple of things to pull out of it.

So I prayed and prepared. And I trusted God.

God came through!

As you might have guessed, since I'm writing about this, God came through. The class went well. I had very good participation and I thought we discussed a few interesting and deep topics.

But here's the thing.

The class didn't play out like I'd expected. Instead, I started out and then God led the class in a different direction. And all-the-while, as we were talking, asking and answering questions, and looking at the text, I was surprised by the things that came out of my mouth. Especially when someone in the class raised an issue that I'd not considered and the Holy Spirit reminded me that the Bible already had an answer for that issue.

Because, even though I know that the Bible says the Holy Spirit will remind us of what Jesus said (John [14:26]), it's always a little disconcerting to be relying on God to come through.

But He does. He's true to His word!

This promise isn't just for me

If the same Spirit that lives in me also lives in YOU, then you can trust God to come through for you as well (1 Corinthians 12:4-6).

I certainly can't suppose to tell you that God will work EXACTLY the same in your life that He did in mind. After all, it's God's pleasure to work in each of us the way He chooses. But I can tell you this.

You can trust the Holy Spirit.

Study. Prepare. Trust the Holy Spirit!

God's word doesn't return void. Rather, it accomplishes all that He wills it to do (Isaiah [55:11]). And if you lack wisdom, you can ask God (James 1:5).

So what are you waiting for?

Are you bound by fear? Are you concerned that you're not good enough.

Well, you're not.

But God is sufficient and you can trust Him in anything He's called you to do now.

Study. Prepare. And then trust the Holy Spirit.

study prepare trust the holy spirit

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