Portable podcast recording is actually a thing. My portable setup isn't exactly the same but it's a good idea to talk about this.

Read the linked article to see what they are using.

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on building a portable podcast studio. This process has involved ordering a lot of useless equipment (sorry Bossman!) and lots of tinkering around. But, finally, I’ve fixed on a set-up that I’m happy with.

Source: How to Build a Portable Podcast Studio

My setup for mobile recording

First, I built mine to record directly into an iPhone or iPad so that I wouldn't have to buy a Zoom portable recorder. So, you'll see the “recorder” part of my gear missing. And, I actually have two different setups: one for solo recording, like when I was covering Ramadan, and the other for recording an interview.

Solo recording

For recording an interview

I'm only recording two voices, so my “mixer” only has two inputs and I only need 2 microphones

And, that's it.

Notes about the gear

Audio Technica ATR2100-USB

The Audio Technica ATR2100-USB is a combination USB/XLR dynamic microphone. That means that you can use it to plug directly into your computer via USB or into many iOS devices via USB using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. It does a good job of capturing voices clearly while excluding much of the environmental noise. And, as you grow, the microphone can grow with you, moving to XLR with a separate mixer, Digital to Analog (D/A) converter, preamp, etc. It ships with the microphone, a USB cable, an XLR cable, instructions, and some software.

Audio Technica AT2005USB

The Audio Technica AT2005USB is very similar to the ATR2100-USB and ships with the same accessories.

Samson Q2U

The Samson Q2U is another combination USB/XLR dynamic microphone. Like both of the Audio Technica microphones, it does a good job of capturing voices while excluding environmental noise and can “grow with you.” In addition to the cables, instructions, and software, it also ships with a pair of headphones. They're not high quality but if you need headphones, this mic comes with them.

ART Dual Pre

The ART Dual Pre is the newest addition to my gear. While I've not used it a whole lot, so far I'm satisfied with it. The sound is clean and it works well with my computer, iPad, and iPhone. My only challenge so far is that the output level via USB seems a little low. But I think I'll get that dialed in with a little more practice.

How about you?

If you podcast on the go, what gear and software do you use?

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