It's interesting that this arrived into my email inbox today.

Having a faith-based podcast may not be the most popular, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable. The faith community is a niche market, and a devoted one, as long as your content continues to offer value and serve their needs.

Source: How to Monetize a Faith Based Podcast – Spreaker Blog

I'm continuing to look for ways to offset the cost of the Engaging Missions Show and to be able to dedicate more resources towards growing my team and improving the quality of the show.

Like many people, I invest resources with the hope of being able to generate more resources to invest again. Into tools, quality, people, and my own time.

If you have a faith-based podcast and are struggling for resources to improve what you're doing or free up some of your time, the article's suggestions might help.

And if you're looking for a group of podcasters dedicated to helping each other improve and grow, let me know. I'm part of a (paid) group like that. I'd love to see you there, too.

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