Do you ever wonder if there's actually a place of peace for your life? A place where you can know that you're being and doing all God's created you for? That you're able to be incredibly effective in what you're doing and also rest in God?

Sometimes I do.

And I think that it's often because I feel like I have to “do” or “accomplish” something to be valuable. Because there are so many competing priorities. That I have to “earn” the right to rest.

If you're like me, that might describe you, too. And it's a common story. It affected Sean Steckbeck. And Paul Yoder talked about it too.

Paul, who founded DonorElf, shared a time when he was really pushing hard and became incredibly tired. He was working full time and also building and promoting DonorElf pretty heavily. And that began to take its toll. He was wondering and praying about what to do and God shared this with him:

When you get burnt out, take a Sabbath.

That might not seem like a remarkable truth. But if you're struggling to keep your feet under you. If you're feeling overwhelmed. If you've believed the lie that your value comes from what you've done rather than God…

Then it can take a moment of revelation to realize that you might just be worshiping an idol. Even if you think you're serving God.

Paul talked about that, too.

In Paul's case, he took a “Sabbath” or a partial sabbatical for a month. He was still working but he cut back his time with DonorElf to only basic support. And God grew his business anyway.

He now serves more missionaries than he ever did before.

And that brings us to the real challenge: will we trust God?

Will we recognize that our value comes from Him and He loves us because of who He is, not what we have accomplished? Will we recognize that God is more interested in faithful obedience than our perceptions of success? That His Kingdom is immeasurably more valuable than our fiefdoms.

Even if that obedience is simply resting and abiding. Maybe those are the sweetest times when we realign ourselves to His priority.

If you're in that place of overwhelm now, consider how God might be leading you to rest in Him. Maybe in quiet times. Maybe by taking a day off. Maybe by taking a season off.

Or if you're all good, consider whether there's someone who needs to hear this.

But in either case, start by asking God. Follow His leading. Obey Him. Love Him.

when you get burnt out take a sabbath

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