Does it ever feel like what you do doesn't matter? Like you're just marking time, checking boxes, and filling a seat?

I don't think it's supposed to be like that. Of course, sometimes it still seems that way. Maybe because we're growing in faithfulness or maybe because God is working in our lives to reveal the reality of how He sees things.

I suspect that many times, we just don't see things the way He does because of our preconceptions. That we think maybe if we're not doing [insert IMPORTANT thing here] like [some friend or famous person].

But that's just wrong.

We are all important. We all matter. And God's calling in our lives is high and holy, whether we think it is or not.

For some of us, the roots are in our childhood

I remember how church camps went when I was growing up. They were a great time to meet some people and set aside some time to meet with God in a special way.

I remember that there was almost always a call to recognize people who felt called into vocational ministry. And I see the value in this – after all, you want to remind people that there are important priorities other than money and fame.

But the unintended consequence is that those who see plumbing or homemaking or bus driving or analytics in their futures might feel like their path is somehow less important.

Of course, I know that the leaders didn't feel that way. They probably even said things to remind us that God has a calling – a vocation – for each of us.

But that doesn't mean that NONE of us walked away with misconceptions. After all, there is an enemy of our souls who wants to separate us from God. To mar the image of God. Or at least to diminish it in our eyes.

Check your heart and your thinking

When we feel like what we do doesn’t matter, we might need to check our hearts to see if we’re walking in obedience. But as we bring it to God, we may find that the truth is tied up more in our perspective than our actions.

Here’s the truth that Seth Brooks shared.

We often don’t feel like what we do matters but it’s about looking at the bigger picture.

– Seth Brooks

Easier said than done, right?

A two step framework to see value in your work

Try this out for size. Every morning, remind yourself (speak to your soul)

  1. I am deeply loved by God
  2. He has called me according to His purpose
  3. I am an ambassador for His Kingdom

Then ask God one question (and write down the answer)

If these things are true, what does that say to the day that’s in front of me?

Because if these things are true, they should impact everything that we think, say, and do.

  • What we think forms what we say.
  • What we say forms what we do.
  • What we do forms what we think.

And while this isn’t a “silver bullet” answer, over time, these reminders will more completely align us to God as He forms us into the image of Christ.

And as we’re more aligned with Christ, we see things more clearly the way He does. We see a different picture. We see the bigger picture. And then we can trust that what we do matters, even if we don’t see it.

Why not give it a try?

Try it for a week or two. Leave a comment about the results – whether good, bad, or indifferent.

We often don’t feel like what we do matters but it’s about looking at the bigger picture.

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