Our guest today has been on the show before. While he was here, he shared about planting churches and multiplying disciples in Myanmar (Burma). Through the discipleship practices he followed and God’s amazing power, he’s seen tens of thousands of people come to Christ and be baptized. He’s seen tremendous breakthroughs among Buddhist-background believers.

Now, he’s based primarily in the US but I reached out to him a couple of months ago when I discovered he was heading to Nepal for some relief efforts. It took us a couple of months to connect because of his travel schedule and my schedule but he just returned from a trip that included Malaysia, Myanmar, and Bangladesh a couple of days ago and I’m very excited to have Jay Judson on the line.

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Getting to know Jay Judson

What Jay does

Jay does a lot of church planting trainings. He works primarily in Myanmar but also does some of those trainings around the world as well as in the US. Then he coaches them to continue on, building sustainable church planting movements.

Using the “Lawyer’s Method,” developed by Jay’s friend, they have seen at least 42,000 Buddhist-background believers come to faith in Christ.

They’ve also been working with Muslim refugees.

What Jay was doing on his recent trips

Jay was struck by what happened with the earthquakes in Nepal. He was trying to raise support and visibility for his friend Jeff Sundell’s network of churches in Nepal. But then God spoke through his wife and the wives of some friends that he (and they) needed to actually go there.

They were led by the Holy Spirit to a person of peace in a devastated village. And he got to experience an earthquake that measured 7.4 on the Richter Scale.

Does anything scare you?

As it turns out, Jay is scared of not giving Jesus the glory He deserves. Stealing what is His.

Do you consider yourself a risky person?

You have to take risks if you want to see a movement start. And Jay has seen that work itself out in his life. As he was talking, he shared the story of how God answered his prayer and declaration that “This place belongs to Jesus.”

I just started laughing, full of the Holy Spirit when I saw what God had done.

EM097 Joshua 1-3

I will give you every place where you set your foot…. (Joshua 1:3a)

Key Scripture

Jay summarized the story of Jesus sending out the disciples in Luke 10. He pointed out that an essential element of this is that we not only find a person of peace but that we do it on their turf.

What’s changed since the last time we were together?

Jay has started to see an increase in signs and wonders, as well as healings. They’ve seen more than 4,500 Rohingya baptized in Myanmar and that’s spreading beyond the borders. God’s just doing incredible things.

They’ve also brought in some outside people to help strengthen places of weakness in the churches they’ve planted. After that visit, they tweaked a few things about their networks.

And, they created a new film called The Golden City with Youth With a Mission’s (YWAM) Create International. It’s a groundbreaking film because it’s a bridge that overcomes the greatest barrier to Buddhists understanding the Gospel.

Because of a language problem when the Bible was translated, the Buddhists don’t have a concept of going to a place where there’s no more sin or suffering. Rather, they struggle to understand why we would want to “go to the sky.”

Jesus wants to take you to a place where there’s no more sin and no more suffering.

The Engaging Missions Leadership Minute

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About Jay’s relief trip

What was it really like to have flip-flops on the ground in Nepal?

They didn’t see much devastation when they stepped off the plane in Kathmandu. But then the Lord led them to a place that was reported to be the least affected in the area. As it turns out, the reports were wrong - it was one of the most affected areas.

  • They went off the main road, led by the Lord, to a person of peace in that village. They were invited in.
  • They treated about 4,000 patients and saw God’s hand move - His love screaming to the villagers.
  • They built 6 temporary shelters.

We didn’t say hardly anything about “Come to Jesus.” It wasn’t about that. It was just the love of Jesus. But we kept going back to the same place and now so many people are hungry for the Gospel there.

One of the teams there was the most effective short-term missions team Jay has seen in over 20 years of ministry.

What made them so effective?

The New Life City team already had all the training for finding persons of peace. They already understood the paradigm of starting house churches and that every person they led to Christ was a potential church.

Let’s talk about healing

Note: I know Jay and I believe the stories I’ve heard. I’m not trying to create sensationalism. I just want God to get the glory for what He’s done.

Jay saw a number of people being healed. They would pray for people before being treated medically. They prayed for both physical and emotional healing.

Jay shared the story of a particular lady who threw down an idol and was healed after prayer.

  • Painful, obvious cavity in a tooth
  • Blindness restored to 80% vision

What did God do through the life of this person of peace

They’d been completely frustrated and didn’t know what way to go. They prayed and God sent someone to lead them to a very needy village that nobody had gone to.

Now they have seen the love of Jesus and are hungry for the Gospel.

Are there still needs?

There are tremendous needs. Jay and the team want to rebuild at least 10 homes, each costing about $3,000 (US). Randeep Matthews has the long-term vision there.

How to get involved

Give through www.cten.org, and note that it’s for Nepal relief with Jay.

Is the Church strong?

The new believers among the Rohingya don’t know much but they know who Jesus is and what He wants them to do. They are calling people to repent, believe the Good News of Jesus, to follow Him, and to cry out to Him as their Father.

The Rohingya are a stateless people. They have no country. But we have the honor and privilege to tell them that there is a King who loves you.

How can we be involved?

  • Got to Myanmar with Jay
  • Get training on how to jump-start movements and train people

What are you the most thankful for?

God led Jay to “The Major” who already spoke English, so Jay didn’t have to learn the language perfectly. That was a HUGE shortcut and a help. Years later, The Major is not afraid of anything.

How does a Buddhist get to the idea of hosting God in their home?

Believe it or not, they used the same kind of bell that a Buddhist would use. Ringing the bell made them feel comfortable worshiping. They strike it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What fuels your passion?

The glory of Jesus. His honor and fame.

Focus on YOU, the listener

How can we prepare to minister to refugees?

Learn the Lawyer’s Method to reach Buddhists. Some thought the method would only work with Burmese or Theravada Buddhists but not the Tibetan Buddhists. However, when Jay took it to Nepal, it worked fine there, too.

Will a method for sharing the Gospel work across cultures as long as God is active in it?

It will continue to work as long as people don’t take too much pride in the method, itself. Even as people use different methods for planting churches and making disciples, they can fall into this trap.

Just focus on the general principles and the vision God has given you. There are lots of ways to do it. You don’t have to follow a formula. You do need a formula and methods but you don’t have to copy somebody else’s methods from somewhere else. The Holy Spirit is going to guide us. You have to trust the Holy Spirit.

How to step out of your comfort zone and meet people from other cultures.

Learn the Lawyer’s Method for sharing the Gospel with Buddhists and the Camel Method for sharing the Gospel with Muslims. And be ready to share the Good News.

Also, look into God’s Unchanging Word (website and YouTube) and Kevin Greeson.

Does it ever feel natural to step out of your comfort zone?

No. Even when visiting Israel with a ministry friend, Jay was overwhelmed. But God used him there, nonetheless.

Recommended Internet resource

Recommended book

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Topics and Times

[00:27] – Introduction to Jay Judson
[01:14] – Jay Judson’s Ministry
[03:15] – What Jay was doing on his recent trips to Myanmar, India, and Bangladesh
[04:14] – How Jay and the team ended in a devastated village and experienced an earthquake
[04:35] – Does anything scare you?
[05:01] – Do you consider yourself a risky person?
[06:15] – Key Scripture
[06:53] – What’s changed since the last time we were together?
[08:16] – What’s important about The Golden City?
[10:22] – The Engaging Missions Leadership Minute
[13:08] – What was it really like to have flip-flops on the ground in Nepal?
[16:05] – What made one team the most effective short-term missions team Jay has ever seen?
[16:42] – Experiencing a 7.4 earthquake
[17:41] – Let’s talk about healing
[19:16] – What kinds of things were people healed of?
[20:14] – What did God do through the life of this person of peace
[21:15] – Are there still needs?
[21:35] – How to get involved
[22:13] – Is the Church strong?
[23:55] – How can we be involved?
[24:53] – What are you the most thankful for?
[26:26] – How does a Buddhist get to the idea of hosting God in their home?
[27:53] – What fuels your passion?
[29:37] – What can we do to prepare to minister to refugees?
[31:44] – Will a method for sharing the Gospel work across cultures as long as God is active in it?
[33:03] – How to step out of your comfort zone and meet people from other cultures.
[34:23] – Does it ever feel natural to step out of your comfort zone?
[35:12] – Recommended internet resource
[36:18] – Recommended books
[39:02] – Contact info


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