The Kingdom has a different story.

– Sean Steckbeck

It's been nearly 3 years since I heard Sean Steckbeck share that insight. To be fair, it probably doesn't mean much by itself, but in context, it's incredibly powerful.

At the time, we were talking about the work he's been doing and how leading both Arabs and Jews to follow and obey Jesus was also producing peace and love between them. Of course, you will almost certainly not see that story on the news. Instead, you'll probably see things that bring up fear or anger. You'll see disunity. You'll see what you “need” to be worried about.

But that's where this comes in.

The Kingdom has a different story.
– Sean Steckbeck

It's a story that doesn't often find its way into mainstream media. But it's a powerful story. It's the story of what God is doing on the Earth. What God is doing in the lives of people all over the globe. What God is doing in YOUR life.

That's not to say that this is a conspiracy, but rather that God's amazing work doesn't always lead to trumpet blasts or incredible earthly attention. We see this even with Elijah feeling like he was the “only one,” not being aware that God had reserved more people for Himself (see 1 Kings 191:0-15).

But it has God's attention.

And that's my encouragement for today. While it always seems like there are serious problems in the world, we are not to:

  • Bury our heads in the sand
  • Lose hope
  • Feel like we're doing it all alone

Instead, we remember that God's narrative is different and that when we labor with God, we begin to see things differently.

Take heart, the Kingdom has a different story.

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