For some time now, I've been editing Scott McClelland's podcast, the Foundational Missions Leadership Moment. Like many, I think I probably “aspire to greatness” and I'm continually in the process of reminding myself that Christ told us to take the low place a the table.

We may not all be “LEADERS” (notice the emphasis on our perspective) but that doesn't mean that we don't lead. Many times, we probably lead and don't even realize it.

In fact, I believe that we're all called to lead in various spheres. Some lead in families, some in governments, some in churches, some in the workplace. And, truth be told, most of us lead in some capacity in a variety of places.

And we want to be good at it. That's honorable.

But rather than helping fund a multi-billion dollar industry focused on finding and selling the “next best thing” in leadership, I think we can make incredible progress if we remember (and practice) one simple thing that Amber Barron shared.

Learn to lead in the small things.

— Amber Barron

We often focus on the “big things.” Being faithful when the chips are down. Making the hard call when there's a lot at stake.

But real leadership is often forged when we're faithful to teach a class. Or to help the poor. Or be patient with our children. Or love our enemies.

It may not be glamorous. It might not be recognized.

But if we won't be faithful in those times, we won't be faithful with the bigger things either. And whatever new perspectives, tactics or strategies will be of little eternal value. Because, while those resources and perspectives can be valuable, the real learning often comes when we apply what we learn.

It happens in the trenches. When we're faithful in the small things.


Learn how to lead in the small things.

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