Last week I wrote about how we are often surrounded by opportunities and it can be hard to choose. “Should I go this way?” “Should I do this thing or that thing?” “What’s the best use of my resources?”

Of course, sometimes the opposite is true – we feel constrained by a lack of opportunity. But in either case, the solution might be the same thing.

But whether we feel overwhelmed by opportunity or constrained by lack, the answer is the same thing. And it might not be what we think.

It’s not just about figuring things out

If you’re like me, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure things out. Playing scenarios. Looking at options. Trying to figure things out.

However, even though there’s value in that, it can go to far.

(I know…you were thinking, “Well I’m not crazy like he is.”)

Because the root of the issue isn’t really about how much we do or don’t have. It isn’t even really about figuring out what to do.

Sure, we need to be responsible, wise trustees of God’s Kingdom. We need to be capable ambassadors and loving citizens of His Kingdom.

But we don’t have to figure everything out.

This sometimes plagues me

I will get up early with a list of things to do. I’ll try to pick the most critical things to do first. Or maybe I’ll pick the one or two things I think I can actually get done. But inevitably, if I get things out of order, it just doesn’t work out.

I can spend an entire day working on things. Prioritizing things. Working on what I’m working on. And never get anything of value if I don’t do one thing first.

Something that Caleb Suko shared when he was a guest on the Engaging Missions Show.

The Lord leads. And if you trust Him, He’ll lead in your life.

— Caleb Suko

And it really plagues me if I don’t start my day by spending at least a few minutes with God. It’s in those times, if I’m really paying attention, that God will direct my steps.

And while He’s doing it, He might also give me a little rest in the middle of my busy-ness. He might refresh and renew me. He might give me a word or a thought that will carry me through the day.

Or maybe something for someone else.

But if I don’t take that time with God – if I don’t invest in that relationship, I don’t get the benefits of that relationship.

Not to mention getting some quality time with GOD!

That doesn’t mean that I turn my brain off. It doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard.

But I have to start with trusting God to guide me.

Maybe the way He guides me looks different than the way He guides you. That’s OK.

But if His word is a lamp for my feet and a light to my path, and if He’s promised to NEVER leave me, then I can trust Him to give me the wisdom, insight, self-control, and strength for whatever He’s put in front of me.

And if I follow Him, I’ll be on the path He’s prepared for me, which includes all the things He’s laid out for me.

And the same is true for you.

So are you looking for direction? Do you feel like you’re running around in circles? Or are you just tired from carrying a load?

Well take a load off.

Go to Jesus and let Him know what’s going on. And then ask Him what’s next.

He might surprise you. He might not.

But know that He WILL lead you.

The Lord leads. And if you trust Him, He’ll lead in your life.

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