Let’s get some info together

I'm really excited to hear you're interested in being on the show.

Now we need to set up a time for our interview. I'll need a little information about you (a way to connect, basic bio information, security concerns, etc.) And, rather than going back and forth by email for several days and trying to figure out time zones, I use some scheduling software. You can use the button below or the form at the bottom of the page to start the process.

Please note: Your interview will be published to the internet and might be picked up by any number of podcast directories or websites that capture this kind of information. In the event that something changes in your situation, I can remove your interview from this website but I may not be able to have it removed from websites that I don't own.

If you think there is any chance you'll want to disassociate your name from this for security reasons, whether now or in the future, please consider using a pen name.

If you have ANY difficulties, don't hesitate to let me know. I don't want technology to stand in the way of progress.

Book Some Time!

A note about the times:

I work full-time and I also interview people from all over the world. About 50% of my interviews are people based in the US and about 50% are not. To be as available as possible, the times I have available are spread out.

Don't worry about trying to calculate the time zones in your head. The booking software will take care of that.

Interview length:

We'll need to plan on 60 minutes. That will give us time to check audio levels, chat for a couple of minutes, and pray before I hit “record.” As for the actual interview, I target 30-45 minutes but that is often a little flexible.

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