Matthew Meyer has made some pretty extreme regional changes, moving from Alaska to the southern United States. Now he's a missionary who recently moved to Poland. Here's how he got started.

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Where and what people do you primarily serve?
Krakow, Poland, Polish People

How do you serve those people?
Anything from street evangelism, church planting, community outreaches, teaching english, volunteering in orphanages, and one on one discipleship.

When did you begin to realize that you had a heart for missions or ministry?
It was in college when I had the opportunity to go on a 5 week mission trip to east Asia.

How and when did God lead you to this? How did you recognize His call?
At first it just seemed like something as a Christian I was suppose to do, but quickly during my time over there God showed my the vast amount of lostness and the lack of access to the gospel.

Did you have a clear and measurable goal for ministry?
Yes, I believe God has called me to be in church planting in an international context, not just one church, but however many God chooses to allow me to be a part of.

What would you do differently if you were starting today?
Coming to faith a little bit later in life (when I was 18, now I'm 26) I wish I would have taken scripture memorization more seriously. I am working on it constantly, but having the ability to hide scripture in your heart that way I believe is not only a valuable to for evangelism, but personal closeness with Christ.

How do you connect with new partners or supporters and stay connected with your existing partners?
Many times it is through mutual contacts that I meet new people. As far as existing contacts we do monthly email updates and bi-yearly video updates. Close contacts we try and do video chats with almost every month at least.

What books, tools, or resources that are important to doing what you do?
There are many great tools and books out there, but for me my best resource has been learning from people that have been on the field much longer than me. We have many teammates that have been on the ground in Poland and other parts of Europe much longer than us, their wisdom and experience is invaluable.

How do you get ongoing training and coaching?
The IMB has many avenues for this, such as assigned mentors and supervisors. I have the privilege of working directly under the Affinity leader for Europe, Mark Edworthy. He has been a valued friend and mentor in many areas.

What first steps or training would you recommend that others just starting out?
Seek God's will in all things, try to identify how exactly God may get you wherever He may be taking you. Take every opportunity to be heavily involved in ministry where you are now, don't wait to become a “missionary” to start ministry, it does not work that way.

What is a critical mindset or perspective regarding listening, teachability, flexibility, grace, etc?
All these things are some of the most important attributes and skills you must have to be successful. Everything changes when you move into a new culture, being flexible and teachable allows learning a new culture to go much smoother and having grace for others and yourself will help you grow faster then you could imagine. Always be able to laugh at yourself, don't be too serious, especially in language and culture acquisition.

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?
I may only be 8 months in, but absolutely yes!

Matthew Meyer

Matthew Meyer

Missionary to Poland

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