Have you ever gone “searching” for God's will?

I don't know if you remember the 1990s and 2000s like I do, but I remember countless books, messages, and more that were all focused on one message – finding God's will for your life.

Some called it calling. Some called it purpose. Most focused on either hearing from God for vision or searching our hearts for preferences, skills, and giftings.

I'm not saying those were bad. In fact, I think that a big part of walking in our calling is knowing ourselves. Sometimes because we God will call us to walk where we are strong so that we can serve well. Other times so that we can walk in His strength.

But I think that we missed it in at least one way. Or at least I missed it in at least one way.

The way I understood this stuff was that I should figure out what God wanted for my life so that I could do it. That's partly true. But it's missing an essential element that Denise PiƱeiros shared with us.

Always jump when God says, ‘jump.' Never take an opportunity He gives you and waste it.

Denise PiƱeiros

Now I think that walking in our purposes or callings is more about simple obedience and walking with God rather than walking away and doing stuff for God.

Looking back, I see many opportunities where I could have done a better job of:

  • Walking with God
  • Being obedient
  • Loving others
  • Focusing on God and others rather than myself

While I still think it's valuable to know ourselves, I think that knowledge alone will never reveal our callings to us. All it will do is point out where we are weak or strong.

Yes, we're all fearfully and wonderfully made. But we are only shadows of the Maker. And while understading is good, “The way you discover your gifts is really by serving not by searching.” (Hat tip to Loren Cunningham)

always jump when god says jump.

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