Former guest, Seth Brooks is back in Australia and full-throttle back in ministry.

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Missions Updates

After a short hiatus, i am back, doing what i love here in Perth, Australia.  Since staffing the Performing Arts DTS from January to June, i have learned so much about myself and leadership.  God fully covered me and stretched me in ways only He could, and i truly can say that i am ready for what is next.  In this last season, i learned that having full dependency on God isn't a sign of weakness, but really a sign of strength, knowing i cannot do anything without my Father, God.

Earlier, i mentioned my short hiatus.  After this last school, i was able to go home to Tennessee and visit with friends and family.  I was incredibly blessed by everyone and really had such a time of refreshing and renewal for my spirit and my body.  I am so so blessed by everyone at my home church, and my friends and family.  I felt like i could go back to Perth with a freshness i needed to continue doing what i do.

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