It's not about success in ministry.

It's about my worship to Him!

Sean Steckbeck

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do in work, life, or ministry?

I have. I sometimes struggle with it because it so often seems like I'm caught in this tension between trying to achieve a specific goal or number as an outcome. Or when I start to feel burned out, I want to focus on feelings: “Do I feel like I'm making a difference?” And I'm sure I'm not alone.

In a culture like ours that's divided in so many ways, it's easy to assume that there are only two paths to take: metrics vs. relationships. Or outcomes vs. feelings. Or any number of other false dichotomies.

But relationships aren't actually opposed to metrics – especially if we track things like what we're doing to build relationships. Though I will say that we've been taught to set goals that aren't always aligned with how the Kingdom works. After all, Scripture says that one plants and another waters, but God gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:7).

However, I think that what Sean Steckbeck shared helps cut through the noise to the actual issue.

It's not about success in ministry.
It's about my worship to Him!

Sean Steckbeck

Now, you might be asking “What about obedience? Isn't obedience better than sacrifice?”

I'm glad you asked. And yes, obedience is better than sacrifice. But obeying Christ is how we worship Him. And what has He called us to do?

  • Love Him
  • Love our neighbors
  • Be generous
  • Declare good news to the poor, the widow, the alien, the foreigner
  • Make disciples of all nations
  • (this is not a complete list)

All of those are worship. 

Well, they're worship if we'll let them be worship. If we'll let them come from a place of love and intimacy with God.

We can “perform” them out of duty or selfish ambition. Or we can partner with God out of love for Him and for our neighbor.

One of those will refill you and draw you closer to Christ. So, which one will you choose?


it's not about success in ministry. it's about my worship to him

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