Overcoming Memories of Your Past in Missions, Church Planting, and the Marketplace

Do you ever feel like you're unworthy to do something God's calling you to do because of something in your past? Or does a memory of who you used to be just take the proverbial wind right out of your sails?

Whether it's an ill-spoken word, an error, or a sin issue, there's an enemy who just LOVES to remind us of who we used to be. Sometimes years ago. Sometimes minutes ago.

This enemy likes to accuse us (Revelation 12, v. 10). Whether we're “senders” or “goers”, there's always an opportunity for this kind of accusation. We hear it in the marketplace. We hear it in foreign and domestic missions.

So the question follows: What should we do?

I've heard some say “When the enemy reminds me of my past, I remind him of his future.” And I guess that's OK. But I don't feel like it addresses the real issue. You see, the issue isn't his future. The issue is whether what Christ did on the cross is sufficient. It's whether or not we are truly new creations. That our futures are in Heaven.

So, I prefer to go back to what Laura Beth Harbin shared when I talked with her.

When Jesus died on the Cross, He said, “It is Finished!

Laura Beth Harbin

And He wasn't kidding. It is finished.

So, if you find yourself feeling like your past is trying to pull you back down, remind yourself that Jesus said that it is finished. He's done the work. You are a new creation.

And you can live like it because His Spirit lives in you.


when jesus died on the cross he said it is finished

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