In the US, our history as a nation sometimes desensitizes us to the reality of Christianity in other parts of the world. When the most “oppression” we feel is concern about prayer in schools, we can forget that in other parts of the world people are jailed, beaten, and killed simply for following Christ.

In Ukraine, some of our brothers and sisters in The Lord are facing very difficult times. This podcast episode from Now is the Time by Caleb Suko is both a reminder and a call to prayer.

Today is a national day of prayer and fasting in Ukraine before the presidential elections which will take place tomorrow, May 25th.

In this episode of “Now is the Time” I talk about the some of the persecution of Christians that is happening in Eastern Ukraine and I share 17 ways for you to pray for Ukraine.
via #30 How to Pray for Ukraine -17 Ways | The Suko Family.

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