Are you looking for a way to engage your neighborhood with Christ's love? Consider downloading the 30 Days of Praying Through the Neighborhood guide from The Navigators.

I first heard of this from the Missions Catalyst newsletter, put together by Marti Wade. I downloaded the guide and I think you might want to as well.

In a recent letter home, some friends serving in the Muslim world not only invited readers to pray for Muslim friends and Muslims around the planet (as we do each time Ramadan rolls around) but also offered a helpful 30-day prayerwalking guide we can use as we seek to be Christ’s ambassadors close to home, no matter who our neighbors are.

Prayerwalking, as my friends wrote, is a great way “to pray and engage with the community where God has placed you and to gain a sense for why he might have you just where you are (see Acts [17:26]-27).”

Source: Prayerwalking your neighborhood

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