This really article (link below) really home for me because of some of the biases I carried for a long time. The fear of being called to full-time missions as well as the confusion about why God hadn't called me.

I believe that every calling and vocation that comes from God is holy. Honorable. That all Disciples of Jesus are precious to Him.

But sometimes it's easy to get sidetracked and wonder if a “missional” or “ministry” calling is somehow superior to a “marketplace” calling. That's important to me because I believe far more people are called to minister in the marketplace than “on the field.”

Check out this excerpt by Chris Lautsbaugh, Missionary teacher and author with Youth With A Mission, living in S. Africa. (Blog: NoSuperHeroes Twitter: @lautsbaugh Facebook: NoSuperHeroes)

All of life is spiritual, not just the things which pertain to missions or social change.

We as “full-time” workers in traditional Christian vocations need to keep this in mind. I have seen far too many people feel a deep sense of inferiority for merely being a businessperson or medical worker. That is not the heart of God.

How do we walk in this truth? And how do we help our donors feel valued for what they contribute to life and society, not merely the money they give to us?

Source: A Life Overseas

Pop on over and take a couple minutes to read the whole article and to respond to the question Chris has at the end. I think it will be worth your time.

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