EM121 Scott Casteel Face QuoteSometimes, the path God leads us on takes an unexpected turn. That's a bit of an understatement for this week's guest, Scott Casteel – he was the pastor of a small church, which became even smaller under his leadership.

After hearing about Four Fields and other forms of church planting, Scott wanted to see that take shape in his community. He's begun using the principles and loves discipling others to share the Good News of Jesus. And he believes they are exactly where God would have them and is excited about what God is doing.

What we talked about

  • [00:34] – Introduction
  • [02:15] – What role does your wife play in ministry?
  • [03:01] – Spiritual growth in isolation
  • [05:30] – Transforming how church works
  • [06:18] – Meaningful verse
  • [07:29] – How to be joyful in all things
  • [08:44] – Lessons from difficulty
  • [12:23] – Seeing God’s heart for discipleship
  • [14:39] – Engaging Missions Leadership Moment
  • [18:02] – What does discipleship look like?
  • [21:51] – Answering the skeptic
  • [23:38] – How is this different from small group?
  • [25:00] – Learning to apply Scripture
  • [26:20] – What fuels your passion?
  • [27:47] – What would you do differently?
  • [32:04] – Taking the first step
  • [33:58] – Marketplace ministry
  • [35:16] – Surrounded by the nations
  • [38:24] – Internet and book resources
  • [40:09] – Parting advice and contact info


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