Have you ever cared deeply about a missionary, a ministry, or a church planter and wondered what you could do to help?

Maybe you were already helping but wanted to really level up your game. Maybe you were already praying and giving financially. Maybe you even took some short trips to see what's going on, lend a hand, and encourage. But you still wanted to do more.

Well, when I asked Autumn Kerr what she'd suggest for people in your shoes, her answer was simple.

Speak up. Be an advocate!

That's right. Take your passion and point it outwards. Begin connecting with people and sharing what you love about what's going on and then invite them to be a part of it.

And what a simple answer!

If you love what's going on and you believe God's at work, why wouldn't you want other people to have the opportunity to get involved?

You don't have to sell anything. You can just share what you know and love.

Who knows? Maybe you could be a blessing for everyone involved by simply helping make a connection!



speak up. be an advocate!

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