Are you content? I mean, really content with your life, your calling, your relationship with God?

Sometimes I'm not.

I wish I was. But sometimes it's so easy to start focusing on the things that aren't going the way I'd like. To look at others who seem super-successful or effective in life or ministry. To compare the blooper reel that often is my life to the picture-perfect Instagram feeds of those around me. And to feel like my life and what I'm doing doesn't matter.

And maybe that kind of dissatisfaction sometimes affects you, too.

Overcoming the dissatisfaction

It's in those times that I remember what Curt Bryson shared after he returned from Kenya the first time. It was fairly early on in the show and I was just happy to get some time to talk with my friend about his experiences and to see what God had done in his life.

As we were sharing, he dropped a couple of bombshells that really impacted me and have helped me to reset my thinking.

I can tell you about Christ but if you don't see it in my actions, it means nothing.

– Curt Bryson

That first one helps me remember that our places in life are a matter of God's calling and leading. At least they are if we're actually following Him. And the idea of stepping outside of His calling to pursue “greatness,” while common, is silly

But the second one really hit me because it can be an indictment. Maybe there are times when I'm dissatisfied because my actions are misaligned with what I believe or say. And maybe those times are stealing my joy.

But also, maybe there are times that I don't see what I'm doing as valuable because I've forgotten that I'm an Ambassador for the Kingdom. That I have the high and holy calling of bringing God's presence with me wherever I go. That I am called to bring light into places of darkness.

Maybe I need to remember that God made me for His purpose, not mine. And that it's at His pleasure I serve. And that my service to Him is valuable, whether I see it as noble or common. It's His choice, not mine (Romans [9:20]-21).

And while I might not get the places I would choose, I do get the light that comes from Christ living in me. And that's pretty powerful.

While I might not be “doing” missions in the traditional sense, I am living the life of Christ when I bring His light with me.

It's in realigning and remembering

It's in being aligned with God's calling and remembering that it's in His presence we find our joy that we also see our calling as it is. That what we say and do has eternal value.

And it's then that we find contentment.

What about you?

Are you content?

  • If you know you’re not doing what God’s directed you to do or if your actions are not aligned to what you believe, ask Him to forgive you and help you to align with His will.
  • If you’re dissatisfied, examine your expectations and what you have your eyes on rather than Him.
  • And if you’re all good but you know someone who’s struggling, gently encourage them. Your encouragement may make all the difference to them.


I can tell you about Christ but if you don't see it in my actions, it means nothing.

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