can be a great way for missionaries and church planters to share find and share great content, but only if you do it right. Otherwise, you might end up sharing things that embarrass you and others. Watch this short video and I'll show you the complete process from start to finish.

When I first started using, I was sometimes embarrassed (or even aghast) because of what was in my paper. But then I connected with a friend who suggested a couple of tweaks. As we go through this video, I'm going to show you exactly what he suggested by setting up a brand new paper, complete with my content strategy.

Here are my 3 keys

  1. Create a content strategy
  2. Refine your content
  3. Turn on social sharing

Of course, you'll also have to actually create a paper. And we'll go through that, too. So…let's get started.

Create a Content Strategy

Before you create your paper, you'll need to define what kinds of things you want to share and what sources you want to pull from. For my content strategy, I want to build a paper out of the things I've shared on Twitter and a select list of guests, friends, and trusted resources.

When I started this, I created a Twitter list with all of the sources I wanted to pull from.

That's my secret sauce.

Create Your

  1. First, navigate to

  2. Then connect your Twitter account

  3. On the top left corner, you'll find a “” menu – click that

  4. Then click “Create New Paper”

  5. Enter some keywords or the title of your proposed paper

  6. Review the content and create the paper

Refine Your Content

Now that you have a newspaper, you'll want to refine the newspaper itself and also make sure it aligns with your content strategy. To do that, click the “gear” menu in the top right and edit the paper's settings.

For your content strategy, you'll want to make sure you're sharing your tweeted links, as well as the custom Twitter list (or lists) you've created for the paper. And you'll want to deselect the “ Top Stories.”

They might be good. But you never know what they might find on Twitter. So, it's a good idea to make sure you've selected the sources yourself.

Set up Sharing

Don't forget to turn on the sharing options for maximum engagement.

Save your Settings

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