b668a3d6-10f7-4bbc-8ff4-89a7439767e8Bryan Thompson of Simply the Story is going strong with travels and training. Read this short excerpt from his newsletter. And if you like this, you'll definitely want to subscribe, connect, and partner with him.

It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our time in Hemet, California. Well … for me anyway. Ami is due to stay here for another couple of weeks.
Where am I going? To lead an advanced Simply the Story training over two weekends and another training during the days between.
Prayers appreciated for Ami's recovery and treatment, and for special times in the Word of God in the Guatemala trainings, the presence of Jesus and rich encounters with God for all traveling in from four countries to these events.

Source: [tis] Guatemala ? – 21/2016

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