Lee Wood of 1 Body Ministries had some very encouraging stories to share. I asked him if I could put them here (for you) and he said I could. So here you go.

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Met Abdu Muhammad at our block party which was attended by refugees from Somalia, Syria, Ethiopia, Myanmar and others. He told how as a Muslim in Ethiopia 7 years ago he had a dream in which a bright light was shining on him and told him the Koran was wrong. The voice told him to go to Djibouti. He had no passport or money but went to the bus station and was met by a man he didn't know that helped him get there. He was taken in and cared for by people he did not know in Djibouti. While there he heard the gospel and came to faith in Jesus. He immediately began sharing Jesus with Muslims and has been tortured, threatened with death, beaten etc… He joyfully says this is nothing to him. He had another dream a year ago and was told to come to the United States. He has been here for two months as a refugee and lives in the apartments across from a house church we have in the community. On Saturday he is fasting and praying and he comes over to the block party and begins to boldly share the gospel in Arabic with our Muslim neighbors. Please pray for him and us as we co labor with one another in the community. That's him on the left in the picture with the guys arm around him.

Second one

Tonight as leaders we gathered at the Fieldhouse to dedicate it as a space committed to focus on 3 things: love God, others, and to make disciples who make disciples. We shared what God was doing in our lives and house churches, we prayed with and for one another, we shared a meal and the Lords supper, we worshiped in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs and sent out missionaries from our movement to another nation to reach unreached people groups there.

That all might know,

Some photos from Lee

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