This update is from Dr. Rich Frazer, who was one of the first guests on the Engaging Missions Show. Please keep him and the ministry in prayer as he heads out to Thailand.

Imagine the excitement of being with 4000 enthusiastic Christian leaders from 110 countries who are all committed to and involved in ensuring that the Spiritual Shepherds leading The Church are sufficiently trained to carry on the task of reaching and discipling their nations in this generation and the next.  Feel the sense of awe and glory as the praise and worship of people from hundreds of language groups lift up their hearts and voices in adoration to the Lord of all the Earth!  Picture, too, each of the 4000 leaders surrendering themselves and making the solemn commitment to pass on what they have learned to at least 25 others each year for the next 5 years.

Doing the math, that's 100,000 leaders trained to lead their churches more effectively this year alone – and half a million by the end of 2020!

Source: We are Going To Thailand! 

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