Looking for help? Just want to talk things through?

None of us are designed to do it all ourselves. I have help with my show and I often ask questions about things I don't know. Maybe I can turn around and help you.

I edit and produce podcasts.

There's a lot that goes into producing a professional quality podcast. If you want help taking your podcast past “just click record and publish what you get” to a high-quality, professionally produced show, I might be able to help you.

I produce professional level podcasts for small businesses and non-profit organizations so that they can establish authority, create connections, and change the world, If you're interested in seeing if we're a good fit for each other, shoot me a note and we'll set up some time to chat.

Sound Interesting?

Just want to chat? I can do that too.

Sometimes it's good to have someone to talk things through with. If you're interested in bouncing something off me or drawing on my experience, let's schedule some time.

I commonly answer questions about:

  • Building and maintaining WordPress websites
  • Planning, recording, and publishing a podcast
  • Setting up powerful systems and processes

But don't let those limit you. If you have questions, I may have answers.

My typical rate is $50 per hour, in 30 minute increments. If you're interested, click the link below to set up some time – it'll automatically take care of time zones and ask you what you want to talk about.


  • There is NEVER any charge to be a guest on the show
  • When you select some time, please make sure you let me know whether it's for a consultation, to chat about podcasting services, etc.

Let's do this!

Bryan Entzminger

Bryan Entzminger

Host and Producer: Engaging Missions Show

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