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EM026: Don’t be Limited by What You Think You Can Do with Pavo Ivanov

EM026 Don't be Limited by What You Think You Think You Can Do

Representative Photo © Fusion-of-Horizons on flickr, Licensed CC-BY 2.0, modifications made

An atheist from Eastern Europe encounters the Living God. He comes to the US to enter full-time missions. What happens next? Amazing things!

Get ready to hold on for the ride!

Join us this week as Pavo Ivanov (pen name for security reasons) shares the grace of God in his life and his 13 years of experience in missions.

Right now Pavo is in a US city and is the program director for City Church Network. They make disciples among unreached and unengaged people groups. Their focus is on training individual disciples to make more disciples.

I learned a lot in just a few short minutes from Pavo and I think you’ll experience the same. Continue reading

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